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Parkeergarage Stazione Fortezza Fiera

Viale Filippo Strozzi, 13  •    0m



24 uur per dag geopend


What could be better, when attending an event, an exhibition, or a congress, than being able to do it by car because you already know exactly where to park? This is precisely what Fortezza Fiera Parking offers - to park you at the Florence Fair! Located inside the grand Fortezza da Basso, the Florence Fair is just a 5-minute walk from this covered and monitored parking lot!

But don't think the advantages end here, there's still so much to know about FIRENZEPARCHEGGI - Fortezza Fiera! For instance, it will help you park outside the ZTL of Florence without giving up the opportunity to park close to the city center, which you can easily reach in just 15 minutes on foot! Furthermore, it's open 24 hours a day and... it's also perfect for parking near Santa Maria Novella Station!

Florence's main station is indeed less than a 10-minute walk away: now your train journey can start off on the right foot!

Book your parking spot at Fortezza Fiera Parking for an event or a train trip from Florence; in both cases, your car will remain safe for as long as you want.


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Viale Filippo Strozzi, 13
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ON YOUR ARRIVAL AT THE PARKING AREA: enter from the left-hand lane, which is NOT reserved for TELEPASS customers. To open the barrier, enter the 7-digit code in the centre of your voucher, then press the confirmation button, in the shape of an arrow, on the keypad at the bottom right and finally collect your ticket. On the ticket you will see the same 7-digit code that you entered. If the code does not match, drive back, wait for the barrier to lower again and repeat the process. Park in any free parking space. TO EXIT: use the ticket with your booking number that you took when entering the car park. If you need help getting in or out, call the barrier intercom and tell the staff your access code (located in the middle of your voucher) or your Parclick reservation code (also on the voucher, top right corner). Your PASS does not allow multiple entries and exits, only ONE ENTRY and ONE EXIT.

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Die Einfahrt (und auch die Ausfahrt) mit der Code-Eingabe hat reibungslos funktioniert. Gerade in Florenz ist es gut , wenn man weiß wo man parken wird, denn erst zu suchen wäre Stress.

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