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Garage Gramsci - Monumentale

Piazza Antonio Gramsci, 4
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This parking lot is located inside the Area B or Limited Traffic Zone of Milan. For more information on how to park in Area B click here.
Area B is NOT a paid ZTL! At this car park, you must leave your car keys with us. The CAR rates only apply to small- and medium-sized vehicles (maximum length 3.9m). For vehicles like SUVs and minivans, you will have to reserve with the VAN rates (minimum length 4m and maximum 5m). The Garage Gramsci - Monumentale is located on the Piazza Gramsci, which is outside the Area C of Milan and only a 5-minute walk from the well-known Corso Sempione and from the Via Paolo Sarpi, which is the main street of Milan's Chinatown. If you're looking for a guarded car park in Milan, where you can leave your car before starting to discover the wonders of the city, then choose the Garage Gramsci car park and you will be a few minutes' walk from some of the main points of interest of Milan! From this car park near the Corso Sempione, you can arrive quickly to the Arco della Pace, marking the beginning of the Sempione Park. Book your parking space in this car park in Piazza Antonio Gramsci and enjoy a stroll in the heart of nature! In the Sempione Park, you will also be able to visit the Triennale of Milan, the Civic Aquarium of MiIlan and the Civic Arena. If you're going to walk around the whole park, you can arrive up to the Sforzesco Castle, at the core of the historical centre of Milan. The Garage Gramsci - Monumentale is covered and guarded, and is perfect if you want to park near the Monumental Cemetery, which is located 10 minutes on foot away. After, from here you can move to the other districts of Milan metro, by taking the M5 line or the suburban trains from Domodossola and Gerusalemme train stations. This way, you can reach in no time the district of Isola, the modern Piazza Gae Aulenti, the Milan Fair and the San Siro Stadium! A few metres from this guarded car park in the area of Sempione, you will find the tram stops for line 10 and bus stops for lines 43 and 57. Leave your car in safe hands with the Garage Gramsci - Monumentale and visit Milan with complete peace of mind ;)
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Piazza Antonio Gramsci, 4

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