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    APK2 Plaza Longoria Carbajal

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    El Carbonero

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    PROMOPARC Plaza Zuco

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    APK2 Plaza Europa Gijón

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    PARKIA Begoña

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    PARKIA El Espigón Fomento

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APK2 Plaza Longoria Carbajal

Plaza Longoria Carbajal, Oviedo
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Parking in downtown Oviedo is clearly very easy. How? Well, by leaving your car in the APK2 Plaza Longoria Carbajal car park. Your visit to the capital of the Asturias province, which is home to cachopo, can't go unnoticed - just like the delicious cachopo you're going to enjoy. This covered and monitored car park is located close to the commercial area of Oviedo, ideal for a morning of shopping. You can park near the Corte Inglés of Oviedo, since it's just a 3-minute walk away. So, if your bags are weighing you down, no problem! You car will be nearby. ;) Also, you can park near La Lila Health Center, since this car park in downtown Oviedo is located right next to it. Say hello to arriving on time to your doctor's appointment. Alright! That's not all, because if you have an event planned at the best theatre in this Asturian city, this car park near the Teatro Campoamor (200 metres), will let you arrive at the time you want, because we're talking about a 24-hour car park! (In case, you're in the mood for some beers later.) ;) With all this, do you think the APK2 Plaza Longoria Carbajal car park fulfills all your needs? We think so! ;) Book your spot, or you snooze, you lose!Lees minder
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Plaza Longoria Carbajal

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