PLcB Low Cost - Aeropuerto de Madrid - Barajas

Parkeergarage in Calle de Mario Roso de Luna, 29 (Nave 7) - 28022. Madrid, Spanje

PLcB Low Cost - Aeropuerto de Madrid - Barajas
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PLcB Low Cost - Aeropuerto de Madrid - Barajas

Don't waste any more time looking for somewhere to park near Madrid Barajas Airport. This car park is great value and is completely covered, plus it's just 5 minutes away from the airport, thanks to its shuttle service. So, this car park has a free shuttle service to Madrid Airport, and the price is pretty great too!

How does it all work? Well, it's very simple. Just drive to the car park, which is on Calle Mario Rosa de Luna 29, (look for the aeroplane 7) then when you're ready the shuttle will take you to the airport. Don't worry about how many passengers there is in your group, there's no limit! On your return, call the car park to tell them that you're coming back and the shuttle will come to pick you up and take you back to the car park.

  • Beschikbaar voor de volgende terminals: T1 T2 T3 T4

  • Reistijd naar de terminal: 6 min tot T1, 6 min tot T2, 6 min tot T3, 12 min tot T4

Ingang parkeergarage

  • Calle de Mario Roso de Luna 29 (Nave 7)


24 uur per dag geopend